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Dear Friends,


Weclome to portal for Samudra Online - Global School for Living Yoga and the Prana Vinyasa Yoga practice based on root teachings and evolutionary offerings from over 25 years of teaching experience.  This site is dedicated to the power of practice in personal healing, collective consciousness and the renewal of nature. Samudra online portal gives you access to our year-long live courses with our emphasis on individual guidance, community and embodying the flow of yoga. Samudra membership are for Prana Vinyasa students, teacher trainees and trainers and offer special courses for going deeper. This is a special portal that can be accessed through all mediums - computer, ipad, phone, webtv - that will allow you to stay connected through the rhythm of the year.




Embodying Siva

Tending our vital fire

Embodying Shakti

Experience a year-long yogini-women’s circle facilitated by Shiva to connect women within in the Samudra Global School of Yoga community and beyond. Beginning with the ritual and meditation for Saraswati, our monthly group connects women to the flow of the creative energy within our bodies and lives through a monthly women’s circle.




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Experience the auspicious renewal and deepening journey into the realization of “embodying Siva” – a universal journey into the meditations, mantras, mudra, myths and universal ritual process connected to the teachings within the sadhana of Siva as consummate yogin, sacred masculine and divine androgyny, supreme dancer, and source consciousness.




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Experience a six-week sadhana that cultivates the wisdom of living vinyasa with the season, ayurvedic self-care, and the power of seasonal-based ritual practice including six seasonal ritual practices, meditations, and life-style practices with Shiva Rea in live-archive audio recording.  These six different ritual vinyasas include movement, meditation, mudra, mantra, body-self-care, and yoga nidras that you can integrate into your daily life.



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Roots Prana Vinyasa Foundation levels

Updated Roots/Foundation Solar Sequences

filmed in Santorini and Costa Rica

The first "pathways of prana vinyasa" is a practice guide to the 10 Namskars and 10 Solar-Lunar Roots/ Foundation Sequences that correspond to Embodying the Flow-Mandala of Asana modules.



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Prana Danda Yoga
Prana Danda Yoga Sadhana

PranaDandaYoga is a skillful and powerful style of yoga that involves interweaving a five~foot flexible staff around the body merging with powerful spiral movements and a Vira Prana Flow® vinyasa sequence.



Chakra Vinyasa:
Pathways of Flow


Chakra Vinyasa
Chakra mandala namaskar

In this "third level" of the pathways of Chakra Prana Vinyasa we explore our first chakra mandala namaskars and ten solar-lunar wave sequences that balance and liberate our embodiment of our chakra energetic life nexus.



Advanced Vinayasa




Transformational Vinyasa Yoga Practice

Enjoy the web version of Shiva's Yoga Shakti DVD where you can create your own yoga practice using the innovative yoga matrix with 30 vinyasa sequences for a full spectrum yoga practice.

Chakras Unveiled

Shakti Yoga

History of Yoga



Chakras Unveiled
In-depth history and meditation from the original Tantric chakra system

Go far deeper into the chakras than ever before with Chris Tomkins' extraordinary discovery of ancient texts that give you the deepest Immersion into the Chakras ever experienced by the West. Includes meditation and ritual vinyasa offered by Shiva Rea in Khajuraho and Varnasi.

Includes video sessions.


Parts I - IV

With Christopher Tompkins and Shiva Rea



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teacher training offerings:

Embodying Flow
Mandala of Asanas, Pathways of Prana Vinyasa - Namaskars and Wave Sequences


Roots & Evolution: The Art of Teaching Prana Flow Namaskars

This online guide is required for certification for Embodying Flow: Mandala of Asanas and  corresponds to the preparation or home study for embodying the three-part vinyasa and teaching energetic alignement of the core asanas of namaskars, refining your teaching and embodiment of the essence of namaskar, teaching 11 namaskars as a base for the roots/foundations of Prana Vinyasa Namaskars.


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Solar Mandala of Asanas

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We are thrilled to offer our most comprehensive review of all the mandala of asana with video examples, photos, key actions, and teaching cues for all three-part vinyasa.


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Elemental Vinyasa

Updated Elemental Solar Sequences filmed in Santorini and Costa Rica.  The second "pathways of prana vinyasa" is a practice guide to the Five  Elemental Namskars and 10 Solar-Lunar Wave Sequences that correspond to Elemental Vinyasa module.



Courses for Samudra Members and Prana Vinyasa Teachers

These courses require membership to Samudra.  Membership is limited to Prana Vinyasa Teachers and Practitioners who have have been on a retreat, affiliate teacher training or affliate studio. please send email to shiva@yogadventures.com to be considered for the Samudra Membership.

  • Experience 25 meditations-contemplations synched with the new-full moon and the world's holidays
  • Explore the difference in your fulfillment and connection with a greater living of vinyasa
  • Be supported by connecting  twice a month and/or with seasonal junctures
  • Based  "living vinyasa" or "living flow", this 2015 year begins with the entry into Makar Sankranti, the New Moon and Martin Luther King day and will continue through the the -Winter Solstice - New year.


Samudra Membership includes:

  • 25 Ritam of the Year Meditations with Shiva
  • in synch with every new and full moon of 2015 and holi-days (available live, archive or by special post)
  • Twice-monthly emails to stay connected and a private Facebook group for Samudra Members
  • Access to pathways of prana vinyasa practice courses (not available to the public)
  • Access to Shiva and Samdura members questions and answers through Facebook

Prana Vinyasa Certification Requirements:

  • Every "live" module you take with Shiva or in affiliate program must include registration with the corresponding online modules to empower your embodiment and process as a teacher.

Samudra Teacher Membership:

  • include a 30-50% discount of courses private Facebook group for Prana Vinyasa Teachers and listing on Samudra's Teacher Directory for certified teachers
  • access to eligible teacher training courses (according to your modules trainings)
  • 25 Ritam of the Year Meditations with Shiva
  •  in synch with every new and full moon of 2015 and holi-days
  • (available live, archive or by special post)
  • Twice-monthly emails to stay connected and a private Facebook group for Samudra Member
  • Access to Shiva and Samudra Mentors questions and answers through Prana Vinyasa Teacher's Facebook.



Samudra membership


To enroll in this course, please log in.

1 year membership: $108

For prana vinyasa students, retreat participants, affiliate studios or interested practitioners

Live in synch with the rhythm of nature, the solar-lunar cycles, personal evolution and community flow.

If you are not a Samudra Prana Vinyasa teacher and would like to become a member to our special roots and evolution vinyasa courses, please email shiva@yogadventures.com

1 year membership: $108


Free for all

Global Mala - Yoga for Healing

Enjoy this ritual practice from Shiva's home studio at any sacred juncture of the year (equinox, solstice, new and full moon).

Join the Global Mala Project around Fall  Equinox every year as people activate yoga for raising consciousness and funds on UN International Peace Day.


Our teachers

About Samudra Online


Our program was born on the Winter Solstice of 2010 as a simple commitment to consciously live in synch with the solar-lunar cycles of the year. This is still the heart of our "Living in Rhythm" Samudra Membership which features our twice a month new-full moon meditations. You can enroll in our live courses for personal and professional development (pathways of prana flow practices for teachers) and become a member if you want to stay connected through the year and have access to the videos you have experienced.


Rather than an archive of videos, we want to offer courses with living personal connection, access to teachers during sessions, and the power of community interaction. I feel blessed to have filmed yoga DVD's in some amazing locations in the world but the feedback from the community is that you are enjoying the intimacy of my home practice studio and personal guidance.


This online space is thus dedicated to:


Sacred Activism

Free for All is free content for healing, open to anyone and also developed for specific healing.  The Prana Flow Healing Meditation and Prana Flow Core Vitality practice is developed for the "Cancer for Kids" Pediatric Oncology Department and all of the kids through young adults who work with Christine Grimaldi's program. This program is also good for supporting all vital energy so please feel free to enjoy or share with a friend who is need of some vital support. Meditation and yoga is beneficial at all stages.


Our Fall programs will support the worldwide Global Mala Project and Yoga Energy Activism so more soon.


Living Practice

Everything that happens here is alive, current and connected to living teachers and practitioners through our facebook groups that run in conjunction with each course.


Depth Content

We are dedicated to offering root teachings in Yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, and Bhakti as well as "evolutionary branches" in courses for women (Sacred Belly Project), and men (Danda and the Lotus), movement (fluid creative core), and PranaDandaYoga with a 5-foot staff.



Our courses are for global, householder life-styles that have compassion and effective practices  for the rhythms of life for movers and shakers, family people, creators, yoga teachers. Every course reflects upon a life-integration and serves as a continuity in our Samudra teacher training and Yogadventure retreats.




Keep tending the sacred fire,

Love all ways












Q: As a  Samudra Online member, what comes with the membership?A: Twice-per-month live meditations (recordings available) with Shiva, synched with the New and Full Moons, and access to course material for the duration of your Samudra Online membership. Q: How long does my membership last?A: One year. Q: After renewing my membership, will I still have access to previous course material that I subscribed for previously?A: Yes. Q: If I am no longer a Samudra Online member, will I still have access to course material?A: No. This is not an archive–based site, but a live community. Q: Do any of the courses count towards Prana Flow Teacher Training?A: A 5 week Pathways of Flow course counts towards the Living Yoga Sadhana project requirement. For 2014, all students will be recommended-required to take the first three pathways of flow that encompass the 200 hour core module namaskars and sequences. That is 15 Namaskars and 30 sequences as a video practice reference for your own benefit as a student and teacher. Q: If I am in a Prana Flow Affiliate teacher training, can I enroll as a Prana Flow student?A: Yes! For 2014, all Prana Flow students (including affiliates) will be recommended-required to take the first three pathways of flow that encompass the 200 hour core module namaskars and sequences. That is 15 Namaskars and 30 sequences as a video practice reference for your own benefit as a student and teacher. Q: Can I take the Pathways of Flow if I am not in the teacher training?A: Yes; with the agreement in our Terms of Service that you will only practice and not teach any of the namaskars-sequences until you have gone through the Samudra Global School for Living Yoga Teacher Training Program. Q: Can I download the videos?A: No. The videos are accessible through the app during your Samudra membership period. Q: How long will I have to view the course videos?A: During the time of the course, unless you are a Samudra Online member.  If you are a member, you will have access to view the videos for the duration of your Samudra membership. Q: If I join Samudra Online after a course has passed, can I access the archive files?A: No. Once you join Samudra Online, you will be able to register for future courses and have access to the material for the duration of your membership.  For courses that have passed, you will need to wait for the next cycle that that course is offered.  In the future, past Pathways of Flow courses will be available to Prana Flow students who are Samudra Online members. Q: How long will I have access to new-moon-full-moon meditations?A: These files will be available to download from a link sent to you within 24 hours of a live call.  The links are live for up to 4 months from the date of the call. Q: If I cancel my membership before it expires, do I get any partial refund?A: No. Q: If I register for a course and cannot continue during the time that the course is offered, can I get a refund?A: No. With your Samudra Online membership, you will have access to the course material for the duration of your membership, so you may continue the course at a time that fits into your life rhythm.